Simple SaaS architecture for startups

Startups often need to set up application development, cloud infrastructure and development workflows with very limited developer capacity. It is hard to figure out how to combine these things to create the preconditions for fast product development, scalability and successful developer recruiting.

My solution: Planning an architecture that focuses on simplicity and just requires full stack JavaScript developers to build and operate the system.

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I am an independent software architect who has a background in full stack JavaScript development, cloud infrastructure and DevOps workflows. My mission is to make simple software architecture more accessible for development teams. Modern cloud solutions and frameworks allow even small teams to build great software. However, keeping up with the solution landscape, techniques and making sense of how things fit together has become a growing challenge. It requires serious effort and developers can often just spend a limited amount of project time on it. This is where I offer an alternative. I invest a lot of my own time into exploring solutions and their impact on business goals and architecture. My clients can access this expertise through the following services:

Customized Blueprint

For a fixed price I will develop a blueprint for your project. My blueprint is a code repository that demonstrates how to combine web / mobile / backend frameworks, cloud infrastructure and workflows for continuous delivery and operations. It contains documentation and a minimalistic implementation to demonstrate a running system. The repository can be used as an initial codebase to start a project. Or it can be used as a guiding code example that developers can copy ideas and code from.

Advisory Subscription

For a fixed monthly fee you will get access to as much advice as you need. Call me in on short notice to meetings and chats to discuss strategic technical challenges. Investing into an advisory subscription provides you with insights and context information to make more informed decisions. This can help prevent bad outcomes that are orders of magnitude more costly than this subscription.

Feel free to contact me in English or German to schedule a first call.

Here are a few projects I have worked on as a software architect:

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E-Commerce Platform
A late-stage e-commerce startup was developing a headless commerce platform to replace their existing Magento-based shop. I was hired to help them improve collaboration within and across their partially outsourced development teams. My job was to propose improvements to higher management and work with project managers and developers to implement them.
  • Align development workflows of frontend and backend team

    The workflow of a frontend and a backend development team had to be aligned to handle breaking backend/API changes properly. I documented the workflow and proposed specific changes to the teams.

  • Dealing with knowledge silos

    A development team faced problems of an unbalanced knowledge accumulation and dependence on a leading developer. I interviewed all developers to identify knowledge gaps and organized knowledge transfer workshops to foster a more autonomous work style among developers.

  • Quality / performance tracking metrics

    I integrated Google Lighthouse into the automated deployment process of the web app and set up a tracking dashboard, that allowed project managers to track a number of quality and performance metrics over time.

  • Infrastructure troubleshooting tools

    The company wanted to collect and analyze log messages from various systems to help developers with troubleshooting infrastructure issues. I prototyped multiple solutions and aligned stakeholders from different teams.


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Coding has been my passion since age 12 and my full-time profession since 2013. I have been an employee, a startup co-founder and a freelancer. I worked for startups as well as large corporations mostly on frontend development (TypeScript, Web, Hybrid Mobile), but also backend development (Node, Java, PHP) and cloud infrastructure (CI/CD, Docker, AWS, Serverless, Kubernetes). This helped me to see software development from different technical and organizational angles. Eventually my goal became to combine these perspectives into a more holistic approach of planning and developing software that crosses typical developer specializations.

  • Master of Science, Applied Computer Science, Ruhr-University Bochum
  • Professional software development since 2013, 10+ projects
  • Full Stack Developer, Application Architect, Former Co-Founder
  • German, English